stealthdriver is my electronic rock project. Through instrumental tracks and short paragraphs, a cyberpunk story is slowly being woven.

Fuchsia Shock

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As I woke up, my eyes barely into focus, I could vaguely see her fuchsia shock hair flowing down her bare back. I heard the faint drone of her prostheses’ servomotors as she glanced at me, over her shoulder, and without a word jumped out the open window into the night. In a second, the clang of her aluminum wings opening reassured me, and quickly merged into the buzz of cars, rain, and neon lights outside.

The Chase

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Fucking rain. Glad I was able to charge the car these past few sunny days. Here comes the mark: metal suitcase, greasy slick hair, grey suit, sunglasses. These damn ’00s-types with their petrol-fueled sport cars and tacky clothes…
Dude throws the suitcase inside the vehicle and runs off. So do I. He realizes I’m tailing him after a couple blocks. Accelerates. We dance in the street, riding the water blades in the asphalt. I’ll get to him in a few.