The orchestral texture in Hello Kitty FUN

The orchestral texture in Hello Kitty FUN

Hello Kitty FUN was the longest animation project I have worked in 2019 alongside Papprika, Tapps Games’ former audio production agency. It is aimed at Latin America, but since the episodes have no dialogues, they can be enjoyed by anyone!

Papprika and I created this “fun” orchestral texture for the episodes, with few melodic moments and more of a sound design perspective.

Using orchestral instruments to comment on character actions in animation is far from new. Scott Bradley and Carl W. Stalling were two brilliant composers using this concept way back when “Tom and Jerry” and the Looney Tunes were created. We aimed for this style while trying to give the animation more contemporary music production techniques.

And of course, music for anything related to Hello Kitty needs to be light and comfortable.

Thiago Schiefer

Thiago Schiefer is a composer, sound designer, and voice over professional. Mainly focused on game music scores and sound design since 2014, he has worked on over 80 projects, including games, animation, and film. He is also a singer-songwriter, having released the albums Prototype: Freedom (2013) and Living Room Sessions (2015), and the single Augmented Limbs (2019). In the educational field, he maintains a music theory course focused on composing skills and a blog/YouTube Channel at Academia de Composição ("Composer’s Academy"; content in Portuguese).
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