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Chiptune and Rockabilly for Drop Dead Twice

Drop Dead Twice was my first mobile game. I had a lot of fun creating rockabilly chiptune music for this soundtrack!

With this game, Nownew Games was invited to participate in 2016’s BIG Festival, in São Paulo, Brazil. It was a great opportunity to see players’ interactions with the game and acquire feedback to improve it.

Unfortunately, the company is currently inactive, but the game is still available for download! If you like hard games, this one is for you.

Listen to the game’s soundtrack:

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Thiago Schiefer

Thiago Schiefer is a composer, sound designer, and voice over professional. Mainly focused on game music scores and sound design since 2014, he has worked on over 80 projects, including games, animation, and film. He is also a singer-songwriter, having released the albums Prototype: Freedom (2013) and Living Room Sessions (2015), and the single Augmented Limbs (2019). In the educational field, he maintains a music theory course focused on composing skills and a blog/YouTube Channel at Academia de Composição ("Composer’s Academy"; content in Portuguese).