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Credits List

Thank you for your interest in my work! Here you can find my complete credit list:



Far Cry 6 – Audio Quality Control


Urban Cards – SFX, Voice Over Talent and Direction

TDZ Games

Eliosi’s Hunt (PC, PS4) – Music (with Thomas Frost), SFX (with Braden Parks), FMOD implementation

Nownew Games

Drop Dead Twice: First Attack (PC, Web)- Music, SFX

Whadda Game?!

Staroids: The Odyssey (Web) – Music, SFX

Game Jams

Rootin’ Tootin’ & No Shootin (PC) – Music, SFX, Voice Direction, FMOD implementation – 1st Prize in the Audio Category at Alakajam #6

Handwashing Helper (PC, Android) – Music (with Julia Rodrigues)

Mobile Games

Tapps Games

Decor Dream – Audio Direction, Music Production, SFX
Hustle Strike – Music, Voice Over Casting & Direction
Duck Evolution – Music
Hacking Hero – Music, SFX, Voice Over Casting & Direction, Voice Design
Mouse Evolution – Music Arrangement
Unicorn Folks Pet Care – Music Arrangement
Do Not Disturb 3 – Foley, SFX
Seattle Pie Truck – Music
Bacteria Evolution – Music Arrangement
Ghost Evolution
– Music Arrangement
Dots to Connect: Art Book
– Music, SFX
Food Evolution
– Music
Press Start
– Music
Medicine Dash
Beauty Store Dash
– Music
Spider Evolution
– Music, SFX
Idle Mafia Inc.
– Music, SFX
Ninja Evolution
– Music, Voice Over Talent
Raccoon Evolution
– Music
Sheep Evolution
– Music
– Music
The Baking of: Food Cats
– Music Arrangement
Run for the Wild House
– Music, SFX
Snake Evolution
– Music
Idle Coffee Inc.
– Music, SFX
Vlogger Go Viral – Additional SFX, Additional Voice Acting
Thrones: Kingdom of Elves – Music
Neo On
– Music, SFX
Space Warriors
– Music, SFX

We Are Illuminati – Music
Thrones: Kingdom of Humans
– Music
Bear Evolution
– Music
Bid Wars
– Music, SFX (with Heitor Marin and Rodrigo Passos)
Super League of Heroes
UFB Lucha Libre
– Voice Over Talent & Direction
Bid Wars: Pawn Empire
– Voice Over Casting & Direction
UFB Rampage
– Voice Over Talent & Direction, SFX
Robot Evolution
– Music, additional SFX
Wedding Salon Dash
– Music, SFX
King Boom
– Orchestration, SFX, Voice Acting & Direction (with Rodrigo Passos)
My Ice Cream Shop
– Music, SFX
Dog Evolution
– Music
League of Gamers
– Music Arrangement, Additional Music, Mixing, SFX
Gym Til Fit
– Music, SFX
Secret Life of Food
– Music, SFX (with Rodrigo Passos)
Logic Pic
– Music, SFX (with Heitor Marin and Rodrigo Passos)
Idle City Manager
– Music, SFX
Chicken or Pasta
– Music, SFX
– Additional SFX, Unity3D implementation assistance

Nownew Games

Robototem – Music, SFX
Drop Dead Twice – Music, SFX, Voice Over Talent & Direction


Tapps VR

Venturion – Voice Over Direction
Sunken – SFX
The Lighthouse – SFX
DeadEye Dungeon – SFX (with Rodrigo Passos)

TDZ Games

Apoema VR – SFX


Papprika Presentation Video – Music
A Visita – Music
Numerous UA Videos for Papprika – Sound Design

Solo albums

Fuchsia Shock (as stealthdriver) (2021)
Augmented Limbs (2019)
Living Room Sessions (2015)
Prototype: Freedom (2013)


TBR Mobile 1st Person Shooter – Sound Design, additional Wwise implementation
TBR Mobile F1 Racing game – Sound Design, additional Wwise implementation
Rocker: The LegendMusic
Crimm’s SonMusic Arrangement
Taxinator Music
XYZ: Space Time Travelers – Music, SFX (with Felipe Belotta)

Thiago Schiefer

Thiago Schiefer is a composer, sound designer, and voice over professional. Mainly focused on game music scores and sound design since 2014, he has worked on over 80 projects, including games, animation, and film. He is also a singer-songwriter, having released the albums Prototype: Freedom (2013) and Living Room Sessions (2015), and the single Augmented Limbs (2019). In the educational field, he maintains a music theory course focused on composing skills and a blog/YouTube Channel at Academia de Composição ("Composer’s Academy"; content in Portuguese).