Carefully crafted music for your game, film, series or whatever project you have in mind. Styles can range from epic orchestral to rock anthems, electronic blasts to acoustic ease.

Sound Design

Sound effects created with immersion and UX in mind. You're getting the best sonic experience for your audience, both on interactive and on linear media.

Voice Over

From realistic to fantastic, you will listen to voices that perfectly match your characters. I will cast and direct the best voice talents for your project.

Middleware Implementation

Dynamic audio is vital for a game to sound interesting from start to finish. I will design your game's audio behavior with FMOD or Wwise to make sure your players never turn off the sound!



I’m a Toronto-based composer, sound designer and voice over professional. Mainly focused on game music scores and sound design since 2014, I have worked on over 80 projects, including games, animation, and film. I’m currently an Audio Designer at Yellow Brick Games, working on an exciting new Action RPG!

My professional background includes games like Ubisoft Toronto‘s Far Cry 6Tapps Games‘ We Are Illuminati and Hacking Hero, HUES Games’  Urban Cards, and several other indie games and VR experiences.

I’m also a singer-songwriter. I have released the albums Prototype: Freedom (2013)  and Living Room Sessions (2015), and the single Augmented Limbs (2019), as well as the singles Fuchsia Shock (2021) and The Chase (2022) under the alias stealthdriver. My music transitions between rock, metal, electronic, and trip hop.

In the educational field, I have also maintained a music theory course focused on composing skills and a blog/YouTube Channel at Academia de Composição  (Composer’s Academy; content in Portuguese) until 2020.