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Thiago Schiefer is a Sao Paulo-based composer, sound designer and songwriter. Mainly focused on game music scoring and sound designing since 2014, he currently works in-house at Tapps Games - one of the biggest mobile games companies in Brazil, with over 300 games released. He has also provided the sounds for a few indie games, incluing highlights Eliosi's Hunt (TDZ Games) and Drop Dead Twice (Nownew Games, 2016). Credits also include a few VR experiences, such as Sunken (Tapps Games) and Apoema VR (TDZ Games).

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Also a singer-songwriter, he has released Prototype: Freedom (2013) and Living Room Sessions (2015). The first is a heavy rock-oriented album, produced and recorded by Fabio Ribeiro (of Angra and Shaaman fame) and Ale Souza at The Brainless Brothers studio, with special guests such as Hugo Mariutti (Shaaman, Andre Matos, Remove Silence), Daniella Alcarpe, Rodrigo Calejon and the producers Fabio and Ale. The second is an experimental endeavour, which was released in a song-per-month basis and ranges from purely acoustic to heavily electronic songs (and a lot in between). He is currently working on his next solo release.

In the educational field, Thiago also maintains a music theory course focused on composing skills and a blog/YouTube Channel at academiadecomposicao.com (in Portuguese).

Thrones: Reigns of Humans

A medieval-themed RPG with Tinder-like mechanics. Created all music and provided a few voice overs.

Eliosi's Hunt

Action/shooter/platformer by TDZ Games for PC, XBox ONE and Playstation 4. Created around 600 SFX, including voice overs, and three background tracks: music for the title screen and the Volcano and Desert stages. Also did all the FMOD implementation.

Robot Evolution

A funny and casual mobile game where you combine different robots to create new ones. Created music and voice-over for the robots.

Drop Dead Twice

Slice the rockabilly zombies! Made by Nownew Games for iOS and Android (2016). Created all music and SFX.


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Prototype: Freedom

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